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FindForMe Consortium (Pty) Ltd is like a network that connects one business to another, and a business to a customer and vice vesa. We focus on servicing clients who are far too busy to make any arrangements for themselves, and for those who are unable to do so themselves. Our service in its essence is 'problem solving' tailor made for businesses and any individual in need of our expertise. Our goal is achieved when our clients are satisfied. When you bring a problem to us, consider it solved!  

 Accommodation Service Categories

Modern Apartment Block


1. Student Accommodation plan

- We help students find a suitable place for them to stay.

2. Young Professionals Accommodation plan

- We help those who are just getting started with their professional careers settle in well, with the right place to stay.

Winter Cabin


1. Family Accommodation plan

- We go through the hustle of finding the best place for you and your family with desired amenities.

2. Single Adult Accommodation plan

- It's every barchelor's and every bachelorette's dream to live a comfortable life. We can help you find the perfect accommodation that suits your needs.

3. Group Accommodation plan

- We will help you keep the excitement of staying with your loved ones by making sure you never go through the heacache of finding the place to stay. 


1. Holiday Package plan

- From accommodation, transportation, holiday activities and even coming up with the best budget, we can help you sort all that out.

2. Luxury Stay Accommodation plan

- We can make luxury more affordable for you by helping you find luxury within your budget.

Luxurious Garden


1. Business Person plan

- For all frequent travellers or those who are always in charge of planning trips for business, we will help you get the best deals for transport, accommodation etc.

2. Short-term Accommodation plan

- Even for those who are looking for temporaty places to stay; be it for a few days or for a month, we can help you find the best deals for the best stay wherever you want to be.

3. Shop/Office Arrangement plan

- As a business we know it's more than just finding a building to rent or purchase, the location of your business plays an important role in the success of it and we can help you find the perfect place.  

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