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Company background

Who are we ?

"Find For Me" is a service provider which is South African based, and exists to provide intermediary service to individuals who aren't well informed about a specific decision such as in housing for accommodation, holiday plan selection, business trip arrangement services etc.


What are we offering? 

"Find For Me" offers a wide range of services which include finding properties for various uses, for example: house for sale or for rental; upon request by the client. This services can be done for businesses, investments, holiday accommodation and plan, student accommodation and stay plan, car selections. We can also act as event organizers. 


Why should you employ our service?

We exist solely to do what you aren't willing to do. We will help you make an informed decision to get exactly what you need in the cheapest way possible.

Why do you need us ?

We are here to do the work that you usually lose time doing, whilst improving the decision by getting what you need at a bargain.

Our assistance will;

  • Save time

  • Make informed decisions

  • Easy to enjoy quality without working to find it


Costs Avoided;

  • NO wasting time handling tedious arrangements

  • NO wasting of money

  • NO wasting money on useless expenses 

  • NO losing on making the wrong choice 

The Product Service

What is it?

The product offered is an intermediary service in decision making such as housing accommodation for those seeking to rent or to buy, holiday trip arrangements, business trip arrangement and many other services listed under "brochure". The product is getting you information and making arrangements considered with your needs.

What is the IMPORTANCE if it?

We find for you the products you need going through the necessary process of searching and arranging that you aren't willing to do. With a qualified and well researched service, we will make sure your needs are met in a short space of time.

For whom can we do this for?

"Find For Me" is a friend to everyone, from business people who have no time to organize their trips to students looking for accommodation, also including families looking for a place they can call home. People interested in rich holiday experienced are also catered for and many others listed under "brochure".

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