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FindForMe Services

We will assist you in this order:

  1.  You will need to pick a SERVICE of your CHOICE in the services listed below,

  2.  After choosing a service, you need to fill in the form that you are led to,

  3.  Once you have submitted the form we will contact you for futher instructions. (Please insure that you check your email/phone as often as possible, so that you don't miss any of our communication regarging your request)

  4. In 2 to 3 days we will send you our findings displayed on the official FindForMe document. (Please note that this document will NOT be in FULL as you will need to make a payment after being satisfied of the contents, in order to be given the COMPLETED service, this is done to show your commitment to your request.)

  5. Once the PAYMENT has been made, a full document will be given to you with all the requested information.

  6. If you are NOT satisfied with our findings or the details of the document, FindForMe will continue to assist with your request until you are satisifed. (However, this will be, provided that the request is possible and can reasonably be done).

Payment details :

Please send your proof payment to:



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Student Accommodation plan


Finding the best accommodation, best locations, best price ranges, best conditions, most secure places.

For University students, pupils, college students, part-time undergraduate.

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 Young professionals Accommodation plan


Are you done with school or university or college and are looking for a place? Are you starting your career? We can help by finding you accommodation, comparing: proximity, location, prices, condition evaluation, security to your liking etc

For Graduates, part-time postgraduate students, e.g masters, Phd


 "Work arrangements"

Business Card

Business Person Plan 


R1 299.00

Arranging & planning of accommodation, conference facilities, transport cost comparisons, restaurant cost & comparisons. NB: depends on the client’s request.

For Executives, managers, investors, self-employed, entrepreneurs, business owners, travelling for seminars, etc

Business Card

Short-term Accommodation Plan


Help find Accommodation and compare available options, transport, proximity to intended destination, emergency accommodation services, extra necessary information, if need be, etc.

For emergency accommodation, visitors, short-term accommodation seekers, adventurers, backpackers, etc


Business Card

Shop/Office Arrangement Plan 


Finding suitable work space and comparisons of renting options available for eg shop space to rent, favourable crowd descriptions, potential areas for expansion, etc.

For self-employed, business owners, running business, private projects, sole proprietor, freelancer, etc

"Quality Accommodation"

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Family Accommodation Plan 


R1 199.00

FindForMe is here to appeal to your interests and cater for your inconveniences, we provide an educated approach to arranging accommodation for you and for your family. 

Families, caters for a family of up to 10 members without an increase in price. 

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Single Adult Accommodation Plan 


Are you looking for  an Affordable place to stay with the best location for a good rental? Are you looking for a place which will match your budget and career needs? Are you looking for something available for an older person who is single?

Adult bachelor, single and above 30 years.

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Group Accommodation Plan      

R1 699.00

Are you looking for accommodation for a group or gathering? Are you looking to organise the best and suitable accommodation for a group for an event?Accommodation, transport, good location, proximity to the function, price adjustment according to the number of people in a given group, food accounted for, shop distances accounted for, etc.

Special events like church gatherings, weddings, parties, travellers, family gatherings, etc


City Lights

Holiday package Plan



Do you want to get an experience more worth than you’re your budget? FindForMe is here to get you the best deals on the money you have, the main goal is to determine the best way to spend your money and experience a lot with the same budget you always had. Accommodation, transport, suggested places, suggested planned activities, guides, tour guides, etc

single young people, family, couples, honeymoon, wedding venues, retired people, frequent travellers, adventurers, etc. 

City Lights

Luxury stay Accommodation Plan 

R1 699.00

Are you looking for the best hotel  or guesthouse to stay? Are you interested in the view, best place with the best restaurants, best activities and recreational facilities? Service plan caters for luxury accommodation, transport, location, comparisons, luxury villas, homes, etc. 

Those looking for the best place to stay, with great recreational facilities.


Luxury Car Wheel

Car Finder Service 


Are you looking for a specific thing in a vehicle? Would you like to know which car is worthwhile buying? Are you trying to find a car that can meet your  business needs? Are you looking to match the purpose and the car and its cost? FindForMe helps you figure out which type of car are the best for you and your budget.

Plan contains – finding a car, comparisons with other cars, lasting performance indicators, mileage check, deals available or possible, credible advise.

This service is available to whoever needs it. 

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