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Property management and Finance 

Property Investment and development

Under property management and finance we deal with assigned and facilitated properties by banking institutions as well as private establishments (private funding). 

Banking institutions in South Africa recognised for property funding and armed by FFM:

  • FNB

  • ABSA

  • Netbank 

We exist as bridge between the world of finance and economics and property. We focus on establishing a strong intellect on funding and property development, relieving the burden of the the potential investor or those exiting the property market.

Listing Platforms:

  • Privately owned websites


  • AirBnB

Dear valued viewers please note that further details apart from the published can only be accessed by stakeholders of FFM and Facilitators of the investment properties protected by the POPIA of the South Africa Constitution.

Calendar updates: 

FNB Facilitated
WhatsApp Image 2024-04-10 at 10.33.17_1475e35b.jpg


FNB Facilitating 

This propert's  financing and ownership transfer is being facilitated by South Africa's First National Bank. Head Property manager and Host to be under FFM. 

The property is a short term guesthouse located in the heart of tourism sited in Cape Town, Observatory.  You can find the listing on AirBnB 

Screenshot (243).png

I &D


Privately Owned 

This property is  being facilitated by South Africa's First National Bank. Head property manager and Host under FFM.

The property is located around farm areas in Fouriseburg, South Africa

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